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Posted by nhendricks on December 28, 2016 at 7:00 PM

In college there were, in various places, bulletin boards, each crowded with announcements and needs of those who wandered through the great halls of the numerous institutions I paid tuition to--whether I got a degree from there or not.  I'm not sure if the web, for most of us, is a louder voice in the universe or quieter, whether or not a message in a bottle thrown into the choppy waters of the Atlantic is not a surer way of making connection with other beings, at least Spongebob.  But, here it is, my author website.  It has existed for some years.  Here is the latest I am adding to my site, a blog entry.  I have had quite a few short stories published, some for pay.  I have just finished my fourth novel.  I am sending work out to publishers and agents.  If these were the days where folks still did this on typewriters, this alone would be something of an accomplishment, maybe even worthy of a college teaching position (adjunct, mind you). Things have changed and our can on a string here, the web, has had a lot to do with that change.  Here is what is good about my writing career: I have a good job that is literary so I am not pressed to have to publish for a living.  I wrote my first book before the internet metastasized into its current scope, so I was still dealing with a more tradiional publishing model. But, behind my back, publishing had already changed.  No big publishers were owned privately, and, so only content that would sell to a guaranteed audience from day one would be purchased (celeb tell-alls most in demand).  But, I am creative.  It is my nature to create.  And, after efforts in many modus, I find that writing is the endeavour that bleeds my creative juices the best, like a targetted placing of medicinal leeches directly to the cerebellum.  Now small publishers have come back because of their ability to find a micro audience via the web.  But, after failing to have my first book published, the only book I constructed, and re-crafted, for the primary purpose of fitting into a first book model, sellable in other words, I found a certain freedom.  In my second effort, I wrote what I thought of as my masterpiece, a 170,000 word epic, that does every ambitious thing I wanted it to (but edited by me, so...) and, perhaps, masterfully, unreadably complex.  What I found though is pleasure in writing.  I try to keep myself aware of markets and edit toward those markets, but I write for myself.  I'm not sure I recommend it, but it suits me.  What you will find in my writing is efforts designed to be the best thing I can produce at that time, and nothing else.  

Creepy science fiction is my ilk.  Remember 'The Fly,' either version?  Remember 'King Kong,' any version?  Remember 'The Blood Water of Doctor Z'? No?  Good, the worst movie, ever!  Remember Peter Straub?  Frank Herbert?  Mash those two together and that's what you'll get in me (Hemingway as their editor).  What you won't see from me is too much vampire, zombie, cyberpunk, or anything that would work as a series on the CW.  Remember 'The NIght Stalker'?  Ever hear someone whistling the theme to that show, then when you confront them about it, they deny ever seeing an episode?  That happened to me.  Know what a horta is?  What Tooms was up to before he married 16-year-olds with huge, fake breasts?  Are you okay with somewhat obscure refrences?

Then I am for you.  

Norm Hendricks 

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