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A cornerstone work in the genre of space goth.  A journey a thousand years in the making. Available at Amazon.

Space silences prayers...

First Novel

Time is a river…

Dennis, a young computer programmer, meets an American Indian woman endowed with special powers. They meet on the ferry Dennis takes to work. On this day, the boat leaves its moorings never to be seen again. What takes place is a time-travel adventure into pre-Columbian America where Dennis dreams of changing industrial America into a native Arcadian paradise. Instead, he risks the lives of the other passengers while he confronts his deepest fears.

Review for Forever Indian Summer:Hendricks has woven a real page turner with some really cool twists and turns...I dare you to put it down!- - Kevin Sheehan:author of Should Old Acquaintances be Rubbed Out

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A collection of strange stories about monsters of one kind or another.

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Third story is an exploration of mid-hudson mythical history called: Rain People

Favorite quote:"...the scarecrow stood in the universal dampness of March and shivered..."

Features a killer chimp short story from my own experiences with the animal titled: Chimp-a-liscious

Here's my favorite line: "Chimps have 98 percent of their DNA in common with people.  They love, lie, manipulate, and go to war."

Killer Chimps!!!  We all knew it would happen.  Is this the beginning of the planet of the apes or pets gone wild?

The artwork for the story by Rebecca Johnson.

The slippery slope of addiction.

Suggestible: "...he taught me about Milgram and I guess about the Nazis too.  I understand a little now how it works, but he forgot to tell me what to do when it happens to me."

So much depends on the little honey bee.

Collapsed:"Could soylent green be far behind? Where was Charleton Heston when you needed him?  Adam knew.  Malthus had strangled him in his sleep." 

What lunacy and what long teeth you have, Mr. Furman!

Lycanthropia:"I’ve seen grandpa’s ghost because I killed him and hundreds of others..."

Early Praise for Monstrous:

“…Hendricks establishes a perfect writer’s tone and voice…sure to ensnare readers from the first line…Hendricks’s mastery of the short-story form hooks you into these little worlds of killer chimps and charismatic drug dealers…” —Susan Malone, author of By the Book and winner of The Ed Mathis Award for Distinguished Fiction, 1993.

“… a collection of short stories culled from the depths of a mind raised on The Night Stalker, The Twilight Zone…there be monsters in these pages… as creepy as Dick Cheney in a missile silo…” —Kevin Sheehan, author of Should Old Acquaintances Be Rubbed Out and Father Exorcist.

For free short stories, not appearing in the collection, you can read on-line, go to my story archive page.

7Uc-hUcz9_sVideo: 300 pound chimp on the loose